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Your Barbadian bucket list adventures begin here!

Sugar Blue offer luxury and stylish cruises alongside cutting-edge watersports and equipment that is unique to the Island. Whether you’re looking for high adrenaline fun in the water, a romantic sunset cruise, a day of family fun, or a lively party at sea, we guarantee your best day in Barbados – ever!

Dive into the future of watersports with our collection of high-tech equipment, including the RadInn Jetboards, iAQUA and SEABOB underwater scooters, and the coolest range of towables on the island! Or why not try out our Sugar Blue Rider stand-up paddleboards, designed for those who want to adventure!

Whether you want to explore the coast aboard a private luxury charter cruise, or experience the adrenaline rush of cutting-edge watersports, or aspire to reel in a big catch on our private fishing charters from our sister company Reel Spirit, we offer the best adventures on the island!

Our Top Rated Experiences!


A Bucket List Experience, Unique To Reel Spirit.

only $900 USD


Tailored & Expert Angling Adventures…

6 HOURS – Only $1100 USD
5 HOURS – Only $900 USD 
4 HOURS – Only $800 USD 


Pure Fishing Adventures For Expert Anglers!

Only $1500 USD


Families Set Sail For High Sea Adventure!

Only $750 USD


Discover The Barbados Coast in Style!

6 HOURS – Only $1100 USD
5 HOURS – Only $900 USD 
4 HOURS – Only $800 USD 


Adrenaline-Packed Watersports Adventures!

We’re Top Rated For A Reason!

We are driven to provide our valued guests with the ultimate luxury fishing charter Barbados experience. Reel Spirit is where sophistication and the spirit of the sea meets local Barbadian charm and tall fisherman tales and where every cast is a promise of unforgettable memories.

Luxury & prestige

Embark on a bespoke voyage of sheer indulgence aboard our modern yacht, fully equipped with the latest amenities and top rated fishing gear.

Nautical Fine Dining

Relax aboard in between casts, savoring gourmet cuisine, premium beverages and unwind in style.

World-Class Fishing

Fish alongside our local experts. Our crew will share top tips for a successful catch, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all skill levels.

tailored Adventures

Explore pristine reefs and secret fishing spots known only to our expert crew. We deliver big on adrenaline!

value & Eco-Care

Dedicated to providing affordable excellence onboard, while supporting sustainable practices to preserve Barbados' marine ecosystem.

Our GUESts Are Hooked On Us...

Luxury Fishing Charters With Barbados Charm

Our dedicated and knowledgeable crew are driven by their passion for providing exceptional fishing experiences. They will guide you through every cast, ensuring an enriching and thrilling day on the water. Established since 2011 we invite you to discover what sets our voyage apart. We are dedicated to offering the finest service in the Barbados fishing charter industry.

As stewards of the marine environment, we recognize our responsibility to protect the pristine waters that host our adventures. We embrace sustainability, championing eco-friendly practices, and nurturing a deep respect for the marine ecosystems we call home.


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How many people can go on a fishing charter?

Our private fishing charters can accommodate a maximum of 12 guests.

No prior fishing experience is necessary on our luxury fishing charters in Barbados. Our experienced crew will provide guidance and instructions, ensuring you have all the information you need for a successful fishing expedition. No, you do not need a fishing license as all the necessary licenses have been obtained by Reel Spirit.

While we can’t guarantee a catch on every fishing excursion, it’s important to note that fishing is inherently influenced by nature, and there’s an element of ‘luck’ involved. We believe in setting realistic expectations for our clients and prioritize a genuine and authentic fishing experience. It’s worth mentioning that we have never had a fishing charter where we haven’t had any catches at all. The success of each excursion is influenced by various factors, including the boat, our experienced staff, and the prevailing fishing season, all of which contribute to a memorable and enjoyable fishing adventure.

While the catch technically belongs to the boat, our crew are more than willing to clean and package some fish for you to take home and enjoy. Typically, this will amount to approximately 1-2 meals, depending on the size of the catch.

join us at the beach!

We are located in the heart of the action on Carlisle Bay, near to the lively Copacabana Beach Club. Find us right here, where the sea meets the shore, and the excitement of your journey awaits. There is FREE secure parking at the location for our guests.